It’s human nature to think “it’ll never happen to me” but it is a sad fact of life that an increasing number of us will, at some point, lose the mental capacity to make decisions about the management of our property and financial affairs or personal welfare.  This may be due to illness, old age or perhaps as a result of a personal injury or medical negligence.

The easy way to avoid your family having to make an application to the Court of Protection on your behalf is to make a Lasting Power of Attorney.  However, if you are helping someone who has now lost mental capacity and who has not done a Lasting Power of Attorney, a Court application will be necessary so that you have legal authority to continue to assist them. 

Our expert team can help you overcome the challenges these situations bring, providing forward planning, support and advice on:

  • Making an application to become a Deputy
  • Richard Reed acting as a Deputy
  • Making a Statutory Will

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