Relationship breakdowns can lead to disputes over property and finances. If this happens, then you will likely need advice on how your assets should be dealt with and how best your needs and the needs of your children can be met.

Financial matters in divorce or separation can include issues to do with:

  • Income
  • Property owned
  • Bank accounts held
  • Saving accounts held
  • Business assets
  • Child maintenance costs including school fees
  • Pensions
  • Endowment policies
  • Shares
  • Insurance policies
  • Debts

Our Family Law Solicitors understand the complexities of financial issues surrounding divorce and will ensure you achieve a positive solution with straightforward advice, on:

  • How a settlement can best be achieved; and
  • The options available to help you reach settlement e.g. through negotiation, mediation, the Collaborative process or Court.

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