If you have been given a Settlement Agreement by your employer, you must ensure that you get independent legal advice.  By not doing so, the document will not be valid.

On contacting us, a member of our specialist Employment Law team will take the time to listen (whether over the telephone or in person here at our offices) and will fully review the terms of the proposed Settlement Agreement (also known as a Compromise Agreement). 

Settlement Agreement Lawyers

Our expert will then be in a position to advise you in relation to your employer’s proposed offer to include guidance on their offer of termination payment (it may well not be enough) and whether or not you have a potential claim against your employer.

On Settlement Agreements, your employer will usually make a contribution towards your legal fees and it may not be necessary for us to ask you personally for any payment towards our costs.  However, in more complicated cases, where we are asked to carry out extensive negotiations to secure a better package for you, we may have to seek a higher contribution from your employer or where that is not possible, we will discuss any additional charges directly with you but always in advance.

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