You may be facing disciplinary action against you at work with regard to an allegation of misconduct or capability or even absence from work.

Disciplinary action does not necessarily mean that you will be dismissed. Depending on the allegation, sanctions could include a first written warning, final written warning, demotion or summary dismissal for gross misconduct.

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An employer has to follow a fair procedure with regard to disciplinary matters including carrying out a full investigation into allegations of misconduct prior to any disciplinary hearing and an employee should be offered the right to appeal against any disciplinary decision/sanction. If the employer fails to follow a fair procedure then it could render a dismissal unfair.


You may feel you have been bullied or treated badly at work and want to raise a grievance. As with disciplinaries, employers should have a grievance procedure in place which they are obliged to follow. If you raise a grievance and do not feel that your employer has fully investigated matters and your grievance has not been fully resolved even after appealing then you may consider that you are left with no option other than to resign. In such circumstances, you may then be able to make a claim for constructive dismissal.

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