If the matter is simple Annaliese will endeavour to charge a fixed fee to include any additional expenses such as legalisation fees, postage, consular agent fees, courier fees, travelling expenses, translating costs and so on. VAT is also payable. 

For more complicated or time-consuming matters, the fee will be based on Annaliese’s hourly rate of £190 subject to a minimum fee of £125 plus any additional expenses/VAT (at the rate of 20%). The fee charged may include time spent on preliminary advice, drafting and preparation time, making and receiving telephone calls, correspondence written and received in all formats, arranging legalisation and record keeping.  Please note that there is a charge of £2.40 plus VAT per person in respect of the online identity check.

Additional Expenses

Some documents require legalisation before they will be accepted for use in the receiving jurisdiction by obtaining an apostille through the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and, for some countries, additional legalisation is required through the relevant embassy or consulate.  These legalisation fees are in addition to my fees.

Occasionally unforeseen or unusual issues arise during the course of the matter which may result in a revision of Annaliese’s fee estimate. Examples of this could include where additional documents are required to be notarised, additional translations or legalisations are needed to meet the requirements of the receiving jurisdiction, third party fees are adjusted to reflect external factors such as fuel price changes and so on. Annaliese will notify you of any changes in the fee estimate as soon as possible.

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