Retirement after 44 years in Legal Practice

Gordon Wellham, Managing Director of Richard Reed Solicitors, Sunderland, retires this month, after 44 years in Legal Practice.

Having graduated from Hull University in 1972, he began his career in the legal profession with Richard Reed & Co, a small to medium sized general practice in Sunderland, in March 1973.

Gordon chose Richard Reed, not just because it was the only firm which replied to his requests for articles of clerkship, but also because of his admiration for Dick Reed who was a formidable character with a strong personality. Although disabled as a result of polio contracted towards the end of the Second World War, Dick Reed had established his own legal practice and, from his wheelchair, had become a leading advocate in the criminal courts and a respected general practitioner attracting some fine legal talent to the practice in areas such as family law, conveyancing, private client work and general litigation.

During his long and successful tenure with Richard Reed Solicitors, Gordon became a respected and trusted advisor for the elderly, incapacitated and/or frequently disadvantaged members of the local community, advising his loyal client base on issues such as Wills, applications for Grants of Probate, Trusts, Powers of Attorney and Court of Protection matters.

Richard Reed Solicitors is a leading law firm in Sunderland with a unique mix of youth and experience across all departments, led by a dynamic and forward thinking board of directors, covering various disciplines and areas of law and catering to a broad consumer base with complex and diverse needs.

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